One of the primary services we provide for our clients in Arizona is the formation of a Self-directed IRA LLC.

Watch our video below to see if you would benefit by forming an Arizona Self-directed IRA LLC.  The simplest way to explain what a self-directed IRA LLC can do for you is: Checkbook control of your retirement funds to invest at your direction, limited liability protection, and you still maintain the tax benefits of the retirement account. 

An IRA LLC allows your IRA or 401k retirement plan to invest into a limited liability company that you manage and have direct control of the investing.  Often referred to as a checkbook IRA, with checkbook control, you can choose to invest the funds into investments of your choice (there are certain IRS limitations and prohibited transactions).  Most of our clients who choose this type of setup invest in real estate, but there are many other legitimate investments as well.  

Our fees are very affordable and include drafting your custom Articles of Organization and a custom Operating Agreement, we file all of the documents for you and we pay the expedited filing fees at the Arizona Corporation Commission. We also pay the fees required to publish your Articles of Organization in an Arizona newspaper.

If you have any questions or would like to hire Spartan Legal Solutions to form your Arizona Self Directed IRA LLC please give us a call, send us an email, or use the form below to get started.    

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