Attorney Services and Consulting:

  • We provide expert legal support and consulting services to small and solo firms.  Let us handle your extra overflow work without having to hire new employees. 
  • Legal research, pleading preparation, document assembly, client intake and interviewing, courthouse and records research, trial preparation and organization, and more.  
  • We accept both large and small assignments and can bill at a per matter rate or an hourly fee in 1/10th hour increments.

  Real Estate Services for Landlords and Property Management Companies:

  • Tenant not paying rent? Need to start the eviction process?  We offer a complete package at a low price where we prepare all documents and handle process service.  
  • We can handle your evictions and process serving.  We are experts in this area, we are much less expensive and more efficient than hiring an employee, and you can usually recoup our fees when the Court awards your judgment. 
  • Have a judgment against a former tenant and need help preparing garnishment or asset attachment documents?  We can help with post judgment collection and we can locate any former tenants to help you get them served.
  • We specialize in serving your landlord/tenant and detainer lawsuits.