Process Server Prices and Pitfalls

Today we received a call from a woman urgently needing service of process on an individual.  We later discovered she was price shopping and looking for the lowest price on a serve, and she ultimately went with another company who was "cheaper."  This is not an uncommon occurrence and we thought it made for an interesting discussion so we wanted to share it with our readers. While deal finding is something I highly recommend, in this post I want to emphasize to everyone the very essence of the word "deal" that means you actually get something of value in exchange for your money. 

This person explained to us that she was almost at the time limit of 120 days and her case would be dismissed very soon if service was not completed.  She had hired four process servers on previous occasions who were unable to effectuate service, and she needed us to complete all attempts within two days.  It seemed like a fairly simple case and we could tell by talking to her that the process servers she previously hired were inexperienced or simply could not offer quality services for the prices they were charging.

We explained our flat fee upfront prices to the potential client and we discussed other options to increase the probability for success such as surveillance and a motion for alternative service.  We sent her an information sheet to fill out and asked her to email us copies of her summons and complaint when she was ready to proceed.  We later received an email from her saying she found another company that was a bit cheaper and she had decided to hire them for the job.  We wished her good luck and thanked her for contacting us.  

Our staff began discussing the issue and it is quite interesting: this woman had already hired four other companies based on low prices, she hasn't gotten any results, and she is doing it all over again.  I want to emphasize that in legal services, (and most things in life) shopping based only on lowest price does not guarantee value or satisfactory results.  This is where the essence of the word "value" comes into play.  This woman has very likely spent 3-4 times the amount of money hiring "cheaper" process servers than if she would have simply hired us the first time.  In addition, if her case gets dismissed for not effectuating service within the legal time limit, then she will have to spend even more money to refile her court case!!!  We can't help but think of the time (almost 4 months), money, and frustration this woman has gone through with this case and we would've loved the opportunity to help her.  While we truly hope this woman gets her defendant served, we will not be at all surprised if she calls us back in the future to complete this service.  This issue has happened to us in the past, and many times we ultimately get a call back from the client wanting to retain us to complete their service after other attempts have failed.  

We would have loved the opportunity to assist this woman with her legal matter, but she continued to shop around based on price rather than performance, ability, and track record. At Spartan Solutions, we pride ourselves at being the best at what we do.  We may not always be the lowest price around, but we are very experienced, our level of customer service is amazing, and we offer more licensed services to our clients than most other firms in the Phoenix area.  Simply put: the value we bring our clients is unparalleled.  We have about a 90% success rate in process service, and if you include our legal document preparation service for motions for alternative service, our success rate climbs to about 95%  Our work is rock solid, we are extremely professional, our paperwork is meticulous, give us a job and it's done right, we make our clients happy, end of story.  

If you need a process server in the City of Maricopa or Pinal County, please contact us.  We would love the opportunity to impress you with our high quality professional services.