Arizona Motion for Alternative Service

What can you do if you cannot locate a person to have them served with legal papers? 

You may have already made multiple attempts of service, only to discover the address was bad or outdated, you may have found that the defendant had moved and not left a forwarding address, or you may just not be able to locate a current address.  As good as private investigators are at locating individuals, it's not always a guarantee that you will find's also not always practical from a money standpoint to pay process servers to continue attempting at addresses or to keep investigators searching or running surveillance.  

However, just because you cannot locate the defendant does not mean you are out of options.  In Arizona, you can serve a defendant by alternative or substitute service, and service by publication.  In order to accomplish this, you need to submit a motion to the court for alternative service explaining everything you have tried and what attempts have already been made.  If the motion is approved by the court, then you can follow the guidelines to effectuate legal service.  

If you have tried to serve a defendant in Arizona and feel like you are out of options, please contact us for assistance drafting a motion for alternative service.  We are licensed in Arizona to prepare any legal documents and for a low flat rate we will expertly provide this service so you can your case back on track and get your papers served.