Data thieves target store checkouts

Data thieves target checkouts via @azcentral


This is what a facebook subpoena looks like.

Think your Facebook information is private?  Think again. This is unverified, but apparently what a Facebook subpoena looks like.


Find out what Google knows about you.

For those with privacy concerns, here's how to find out exactly what information Google has about you.


Quitclaim Deeds in Arizona

Warranty vs. quitclaim deeds, knowing the difference

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Process Server vs Sheriff

We have previously shared this on our social media pages, but it's a great illustration.  Generally, when you need to have legal documents served on someone you have two options: a private process server or the local sheriff.  The following illustration shows the key differences between a private process server and the sheriff.  

Here in the City of Maricopa, the sheriff charges a $200 up front deposit, a $16 service fee, $2.40 per mile for each attempt (one way), and an $8 notary fee. According to a ServeNow survey of legal professionals, private process servers are faster 90% of the time, have a 92% success rate, and provide much better customer service and knowledge of the law.

If you need legal documents served in the City of Maricopa for a flat rate fee, fast completion, and great customer service please contact us.  

Process Servers vs. Sheriffs Infographic

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