Headquartered in the City of Maricopa Arizona, and providing services statewide, our company consists of skilled professionals who care about serving our clients needs.  

Our founder completed undergraduate studies in criminal justice and graduate studies in law, criminal justice, and counterterrorism.  He has domestic and international experience in both the public and private sectors and brings a wealth of knowledge to everyday operations.  He is licensed in the State of Arizona, he is also an Officer of the Superior Court and licensed process server, and an Arizona licensed private investigator. He is on hand every day to provide guidance and advice to staff and brings a level of personal service to every client that comes in contact with the business.

Note from the owner:

I started this business after years of working in the legal field seeing time after time that most people cannot afford legal services. I realized there is a huge unmet need for people who don't fit the strict income limitations to receive free or low cost legal aid assistance.  Many middle class people are turned away because they are not poor enough to qualify for free legal aid, but they do not have enough money to hire an attorney.  Attorney prices are out of reach for many middle class people, and unless they want to commit to a payment plan of thousands of dollars, then an attorney is just not an option.  Our mission is to meet the needs of these people by providing expert licensed legal document preparation services for routine legal matters where full legal representation may not be needed.

There are many similar businesses out there and we are honored that you chose ours. A big reason this business was started was so we could continue to give money to legal services for those who cannot afford them.  We appreciate your business and would like you to know that a percentage of our profits are given to Legal Aid and other companies that provide legal services to those who cannot afford to pay.  We believe everyone has the right to legal services whether they can afford it or not, and your business helps us donate to those causes that support our belief. 

Thanks for the opportunity to let us serve you.